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    A Short Walk
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    In A Short Walk, you will find that pretty lights can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Usually, a bad thing.

    Well, I’ll freely admit I’ve been sitting on my butt for quite a while. But I finally finished this game.

    That’s about it. Did you want a blog entry?UpdatesIn response to a few comments, I know the graphics aren’t really detailed. That’s the point. I wanted the game to show you how trapped you are in this place. There’s no detail for a reason, SPOILER ALERT it’s to make the last part of the game stand out more so that it feels like you are now not only trapped, but lost. END SPOILER

    So in conclusion, I could have worked more on the graphics, but I didn’t feel that suited the game very well.

    Update two
    Due to recomendation (Blackmail), I have lowered the difficulty of a few of the more agrivating levels. I have also added a mute funcion. Whenever a song you don’t like starts playing, simply press page up to mute it.

    Update three, when do they end??
    -Added WASD support
    -Fixed “Sprinting” exploit
    -Fixed a few typos (Thanks to Heracleum)


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