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    Akalunia Chronicles 0.4a
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    Akalunia Chronicles is a Browser Based Flash MMORPG in Real-Time. In Akalunia Chronicles everyone plays in the same world there is no instantiation, except for the Dungeons. Features: -Increased experience rates. -Increased Strength and Intellignence bonuses -added music. -PvP is available (with rewards) -3 classes -Level cap is 30 -2 dungeons are available Official Website: lc-game.com:http://lc-game.com Forum: Forum:http://lc-game.com/forum Coming soon: -Guilds -Guild Fights Please keep in mind that the game is constantly improving, and there may be a few bugs.Updates-Added a quest log -Added a friend list -Fixed the movement glich -You can now see the active effects on the interface. -Priests Buffs have now a very low cooldown. -Added a mute command: /sound 0 (the sound gave me a headache after 5 hours =D) -Fixed a bug with HotKeys -Increased attack range, it should be easier to attack monsters now. -Fixed an exploit with trading.


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