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    Book of Mages: The Dark Times
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    Thanks for the badges!!! This is a game that will keep you entertained for ages. It has a great sense of adventure and huge amount of detail. It has multiple endings and 6 clans to choose from. Will you join the evil Black Robes, or the righteous White Robes? Its all you could ask for in an RPG. Put on your best robes and have it! The learning curve might be steep, but it is worth it as you can replay the game many times with different outcomes! Updates1.tutorial tells you there are save game and off sound buttons on top of the screen 2.off sound button at menu 3.hawklight, treefire and darkskin appears correctly in the final battle. 4.correct some spelling typos 5.fix check for clan completed bug 6.top ten and top one records correctly if complete in last month ----------------------------------------------- 1.Improve on the tutorial (yeah, he still defeats you) 2.Some battles you are able to go to training ground at the start of event . 3.Press L to lose instantly. 4.Look for clan leader to see all magics


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