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    Bunny Invasion: Easter Special
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    It’s a bunny blasting frenzy as Bunny Invasion returns for an Easter Special. Mr Frost and his assistant Jim, the pub landlord from Bunny Invasion 2, have stopped off at a motel during their search for the source of the marauding bunnies. Jim is getting a little too friendly with the landlady when suddenly the rabbits launch a sneak attack. But with the Bunny Queen dead, who is leading them this time?

    The game features 11 new bunny types, 3 new bosses, 16 new weapons, 27 new unlockable extras, a new location, a new story including 10 cut-scenes and a whole new 60 waves of bunny violence.

    Enjoy the game!

    Happy Easter from GP StudiosUpdatesIf there are any bugs, please send me a whisper/shout or fill out a bug report so I can fix it nice n quicky!

    If you are having trouble switching weapons, with the pause button, or with throwing grenades it is most likely because you are using the new Internet Explorer 8. With this browser there are tons of reports of any movement keys messing up or sticking. I myself have experienced this problem in this browser with any game with movement keys.

    Thanks for the ongoing bug reports, I’m looking into everything, and most issues should be fixed soon.
    Thanks for playing!


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