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    Busy Burger
  • Description :
    "Welcome to BusyBurger! In this tutorial youre going to learn how to operate our machines. As you can see, we have four kinds of machines which are: Fries, Nugget, Burger and Juice Machines. Each machine requires a special way to operate, but basically to start the machine you must click on the button related to it. First, the ""Burger Machine"" and ""Nugget Machine"". Both of them only require a single push on the button and the machine will run automatically. Remember that those machines are automatic so make sure you try to multitask while waiting for them to finish their job. But the ""Fries Machine"" and ""Juice Machine"" need to be operated manually. After you push the button, move your mouse over the circle and follow its direction. You can try now, move your mouse above the circle until the machine finishes its job."


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