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    Castle Of Cards
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    The aim of this interesting and addictive game is to build a house of cards. Complete a level before you run out of cards to advance to the next level. To make a pair, Left Click on two cards of the same suit or value. place any card as a beam.After you have a pair or a beam move it to the play field using your Mouse and place them. Remember that pairs must me supported by pairs with equal or larger values, or they will topple. Beams can be of any value.Pairs of value 20 are "balsa wood". They can be placed on top of pairs of any value. Pairs of value 21 are "cement". They can be placed anywhere and will reinforce the cards below. If a Joker is drawn, the top level of the house is blown down. Two or more Jokers in hand blow down entire house and end the game..Enjoy!


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