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    Cat Astro Phi
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    There is much planet exploring, bot shooting, bomb exploding, lazer wall hacking, sentry gun evading, cat finding fun to be had :) We like to think of Cat Astro Phi as a mini-Zelda in space. Obviously well never be as good as Zelda, but youve got to have something to aim for, right? The fantastic soundtrack was created by Rich Vreeland of disasterpeace.com - hit the Extras option in the menu for more details. The pixel magic was spun by Ilija Melentijevic. Yes he used only 4 colours for the whole game, and a resolution of 160x144 (just like a real Gameboy). There are more details to be found in the End Credits scroller, if you manage to complete the game ;) Oh and please - dont be fooled into thinking this is just some lame Asteroids shmup. If thats all you think, you didnt play it far enough :)


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