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    Unleash a chain-reaction with your cannon! Beat the 46 levels! Or play against the time!


    - Unique gameplay and addictive bonus system. “Worms” meets “Bowling”
    - 46 Levels in the action-puzzle oriented “Level Challenge” mode
    - An action oriented “Time Attack” mode
    - 4 music loops for the “Level Challenge” mode
    - time-adjusting music for the “Time Attack” mode


    Chainthesia is a fun to play game, in which the player controls a chain starter cannon and tries to create a huge chain reaction.

    With a Worms-like mechanism the player can shoot at the targets, who have special abilities. By hitting them, those targets explode and release particles, which can cause other targets to explode.

    Additionally the player can use its “Gravity Power” and switch into low gravity and back. Wisely used this can be used to control the movement of particles.

    A nice combo-system and fitting sound effects will support the overall synaesthetic feel of the game.


2FG Mobilr