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    Chroma Circuit
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    An addicting color-matching puzzle game with rotating pieces.

    Described as “addictive” by multiple testers, Chroma Circuit provides a compelling challenge in a simple package. To complete each of the 18 levels, players must rotate elements to match up all the colors. In phase 2, new color transfer elements add an interesting new twist to color matching that challenges a player’s spacial memory. Finally, phase 3 introduces the delightfully frustrating bomb element, where one wrong move means the level is reset in an explosive burst!

    To encourage replay, each level has a target number moves. When the player completes a level, he or she is challenged to try again if the level was completed using more moves than needed. Additionally, the level select screen displays the player’s move count next to each level. It is displayed in blue if they’ve matched the target move count or red if they made too many moves.


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