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    Yo dawgs. I’ve bin makin games for like 2 years, but never submitted anything to Kongregate because of a couple hurdles in the submition process.

    A side-scrolling brawler where you eat stuff to gain new abilities.
    Bust on fools in bumtown nowhere. You can eat just about everything (including enemies) by standing on it and pressing S. Enemies are hard though, cos they usually punch you.

    This game’ll save your progress automatically. It’s got like 6 levels, about 5 bosses, 10 achievements- It took months.

    It’s kind of like Streets of Rage meets Kirby. You’ll love it.

    Oh by the way it takes like a decade to load.

    All the music’s from the fabulous artists of the Newgrounds Audio Portal. The loading screen’s made by NG’s MindChamber.

    Oh and it’s full of swearing, so if you’re offended by that- I don’t know, grow up. If guys like this swear in real life, they’ll swear in my game.


2FG Mobilr