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    Cube Core
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    This may be a month or so old by now, but I’m posting this here just in case some of you haven’t played it yet (even though it has had over 400k Hits since I released it a month ago! :P)

    This was my second “Core” game, prism core (http://www.kongregate.com/games/Lazarou/prism-core) is the third, sphere core was the first.

    “It has felt like an eternity since leaping into the darkness. The stark walls, the flickering lights, the strange technology, the twisted puzzles, it has left many questions in my mind. Yet, I awake to find myself in yet another room. However this one is different from the last – the room is dimly illuminated, save from a soft glow of light coming from one side of the room. What is the source of the light? How am I to get out of this room?
    All I have on me is the revolting frozen embryo that I found in the Sphere Core. What secrets does it hold?”


2FG Mobilr