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    DarkBase Alien RTS
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    DarkBase marines started the war…
    Now you Alien give them what they want!
    You just may remember that…
    …You have been Lt. Alice Foster discovering the Alien threat in “DarkBase 1: Incubation”.
    Thanks to Alice’s determination you destroied the Alien bolt-hole in “DarkBase 2: the Hive”.
    You have been appointed as the leader of a secret military anti-Aliens force in “DarkBase: Phoenix Team”
    …in the meanwhile, your defensive turret saved your human colony against Alien waves in “DarkBase Defence – Reloaded”.

    You have been the Marine Starforce starting the war. The armed conflict has begun.

    Now…You are the Alien force ready and willing to get your vengeance and to crush them all!
    A BIG thanks to our friend Rick Gush, the Westwood Studios designer (Dune II, Command and Conquer, Kyrandia, Lands of Lore games), who gave us the honour of writing, this time too, the in-game Alien telepathic chat.


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