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    Deer Hunter X: Operation Worldsaver
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    “Why play a deer hunting game in these modern times?” you might rightly ask. “Why shoot a deer when I could shoot a zombie or ecoterrorist? What is my motivation? What is the ultimate goal? Why, why should I challenge myself to become the best deer hunter in the land?” We have heard your apocryphal cries, and this is our answer. A game designed with the same quality and innovation as the finest AAA console releases. A game featuring cinematic storytelling, teeming with action and adventure. A revolution in the deer hunting genre. Laika Fawkes Media proudly presents “Deer Hunter X: Operation Worldsaver.”

    Expert hunter Aronn Deersbane is growing jaded about hunting deer. It is starting to seem almost too easy. But when Deersbane is pressed into service by a secret government organization, he finds himself at the center of a desperate maelstrom of conspiracy and hunting. This time, it will not be so easy. This time, he will need to come face to face with his worst fears. This time, the deer will fight back. Join Deersbane on his quest to topple a fiendish plot, unravel ancient secrets, and save the world, the only way he knows how: by shooting deer. Play Deer Hunter X: Operation Worldsaver.


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