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    Egg Mouth
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    EGG MOUTH! Based on a true story!

    THE REAL STORY: In June 2011, forum-goers to hit internet comedy website Something Awful wanted Smash “Steve” Mouth, the lead singer of the hit ’90s band, to eat 24 eggs. They posted tweets and messages requesting Mr. Mouth to please eat the eggs, and even offered cash money.

    In July 2011, Mr. “Steve” Mouth himself accepted the Egg Challenge! With one rule: The goons must first raise ,000 for St. Jude Children’s Hospital! Internet nerds rejoiced, and over ,000 was raised in less than a week, through charitable donation website Causes.com ! The goons had put their money where Steve’s mouth was!

    It is now September 2011. Mr. Mouth has still not eaten the eggs, and seems to be delaying the egg event more and more.

    Impatiently awaiting the great egg feast, I have created this simulation of how the event might be. YOU take control of Smash Man, the lead singer of hit ’90s band Egg Mouth, collect donations for sick children, and eat all the eggs!

    Eat all the eggs, Smash Man. For sick children.

    (Note: Donations raised in this game are not actual donations for anything, it’s just a game.)

    For more information on the actual cause and the real-life money for actual charity see the Causes page for it.


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