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    English Pub Pool
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    Play in 8-ball and straight pool (billiards) tournaments against computer players to try to be #1.

    Plus, lots of great challenges, time attacks and over 60 trophies to be won!

    It has a nice physics engine, so you can get top, back and side spin. You’ll need to use spin to complete the ‘Snookers’ challenge.

    All of your stats are saved automatically – from matches won to number of balls potted.


    Oh, and remember ‘Z’ is your friend! Press it after your shots to speed up the animation

    Want to play World 8-ball?

    Want to play 9-ball?
    www.kongregate.com/games/NipponMonkey/american-9-ball-poolUpdates8-ball Rules
    The default game rules pretty much follow these rules from the English Pool Association:

    You can change the 8-ball rules in the game menus – ‘Set Rules’.

    Straight Pool Rules
    Basically, each ball potted scores you 1 point. Any ball can be potted at any time – including the black. If you foul – miss all balls or go in off – then you’ll lose 1 point. The table will re-rack once there are less than 2 object balls on the table. If the cue ball or remaining object ball are near the triangle, they will be moved on re-rack.

    We’re not playing strict rules, so you don’t have to nominate balls and pockets, as this slows the game down and makes flukes illegal – where’s the fun in that?


    Break: add top spin for a better break.
    Ranking: To become Rank #1 you’ll have to win some of the tournaments more than once.


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