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    English Pub Pool - B4
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    Play 8-ball and straight pool against computer players and your friends. Plus, lots of great challenges and time attacks.

    You can now choose from three pool tables and three sets of pool balls.

    It has a great physics engine, so you can get top, back and side spin. You’ll need to use spin to complete the ‘Snookers’ challenge.


    Oh, remember ā€˜Zā€™ is your friend! It speeds up the shot animation.UpdatesIn Beta 4, a new physics engine has been implemented to increase the speed and accuracy of your shots.

    Straight pool matches have been added. You can now play 5 computer players to try and be the first to score 15 points or 150 points, if you want to play like a pro! You get a point penalty if you foul.

    The table has been pimped and you can now play on three different coloured tables.

    Your stats are now saved, so you can see your accuracy, awards won and top scores.

    The game interface has been improved too.

    Check out the game’s progress:




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