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    English Pub Pool - B5
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    Play in 8-ball and straight pool (billiards) tournaments against computer players to try to be #1.

    Plus, lots of great challenges and time attacks.

    It has a nice physics engine, so you can get top, back and side spin. You’ll need to use spin to complete the ‘Snookers’ challenge.


    Oh, remember ‘Z’ is your friend! Press it after your shots to speed up the animation.UpdatesShot Styles
    You can now take shots in two different ways and you can alternate between them while playing using the new in game Menu.

    Timer: hold down for more power.
    Manual (default): hold down and move your mouse downwards to set the power manually.

    8-ball Rules
    The default game rules pretty much follow these rules from the English Pool Association:

    You can change the 8-ball rules in the game menus – ‘Set Rules’.

    Straight Pool Rules
    We’re not playing strict rules, so you don’t have to nominate balls and pockets, as this slows the game down and makes flukes illegal – where’s the fun in that?

    So basically, each ball potted scores you 1 point. Any ball can be potted at any time – including the black.

    If you foul – miss all balls or go in off – then you’ll lose 1 point.

    The table will re-rack once there are less than 2 object balls on the table. If the cue ball or remaining object ball are near the triangle, they will be moved on re-rack.

    UPDATE 3:
    Tried to stop the “XXX is thinking…” bug.
    Changed the ball collisions a little.
    Implemented new AI Players – only slightly different.



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