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    Etch N Shoot
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    This is my first flash game, so please, rate in kind, This is being entered for the 2008 Kongregate Scion Driving Creativity New Developers Contest.

    Theres lots of these games out there, and mine may lack in the “visuals” department, but that doesn’t mean I dont deserve a good rating, I have worked very hard on this game and I hope people will think about that before they rate, I’m not one of thoe people who just edited the source code slightly and turned it in, I used the tutorials, but everything I did, I made from scratch. Just not the music. So please, before you rate, think of the effort I put into it.

    UpdatesFixed Menu Problem
    Fixed Kills reset
    Fixed API
    Enemies no longer appear half in/out of screen
    Got rid of split-second powerup popups @ menu’s
    Fixed Victory Menu Final Score problem
    added music
    bigger bullets so there more noticible
    fixed music glitch
    added credits menu
    faster rate of fire


2FG Mobilr