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    Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2
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    -ATTENTION- Ive been getting a ton of bug reports about the direction keys sticking, if youre on IE8, switch to FireFox, or try this: http://www.kongregate.com/forums/7/topics/32448?page=3#posts-971187 If youre on FireFox, try disabling all plugins. Update 1.6: Mostly a quick patch, you or shell shouldnt fall through platforms anymore, and shell collision responds to edges now. Update 1.5: 2 new transitional levels, angry mice are back from World 1, added a lot to the backgrounds in level 4 and 5, added squiggles to boss fight - get them after getting hurt to extent your health, added a stopwatch and best time in trophy room, added a reset button in trophy room, mayor is animated now, can speed up the title credits and text by holding S, up, or down, and tons of code tweaking. --------- Remember, anything involving the Snailshell is optional. You can even go to straight to Level 1 from the Level Select room instead of going to Start Game. Snailshell Golf is an optional challenge. -------- If youre having trouble with Fancy Golfball, check out the Official Snailshell Golfball Guide here: http://www.bornegames.com/?page_id=71UpdatesCHECK THE DESCRIPTION, THERES A BUG IN INTERNET EXPLORER THAT MAKES STICKY KEYS. TRY THE FIX OR USE A DIFFERENT BROWSER.


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