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    Fantastic Contraption 2
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    If you build it…will it run?

    Fantastic Contraption 2 increases all the fun of the original with:

    1. 2 new tools: magnets and chains.
    2. Increased piece limit!
    3. Brand new obstacles: Moving platforms and evil contraptions.
    4. In game stats like time, efficiency and badges.

    Now try and avoid moving platforms, pistons and mechanical beasts, with nothing more than a couple sticks, some wheels and few magnets!

    With over 20 free levels, tons of badges to collect and a new free level every week, the possibilities are endless.Updates* Increased piece limit over the first game: from 100 → 150.

    • Solve levels with magnets and chains
    • 21 Levels and a new Level every week!


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