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    Flagstaff: Chapter One
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    In the kingdom of Flagstaff, four heroes are summoned to the royal castle for adventure and the occasional vodka and orange juice.

    This is the first chapter of Flagstaff, a fantasy turn-based tactical game. You control a party of four heroes, in service to a king with a fondness for tasteful rugs and skeletons that stay in the ground.

    As well as the multiple upgrade options available to your characters, the game world is generated anew each time you play.UpdatesChanged upgrade UI to tabbed format to give more room.
    Fixed exploit where taunted enemies did nothing when they couldn’t reach the taunting character. Taunted characters will now choose a new target if no path can found to the taunting character.

    Added target highlighting.
    Ranged skills now have a range limit.
    Fixed keyboard shortcuts for skills (1, 2, etc).


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