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    Flash Physics Toy v2
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    Some people were asking me to make a version of my last toy with collisions. Well, I did it.

    Create and play with particles in a small sandbox game. Share your creation with the world!

    It stills beta (as the last version), and I’ll be updating it daily (if I can), fixing bugs, adding some features and so on. If you have any bug report or suggestion, use the shout box at my profile. Thanks.


    Q: So… What do I do here?
    A: You create/edit physics models, then play around with ’em :)

    Q: How do I win this?
    A: This is not a goal game. It’s just for fun. Play around while chating :)

    Q: Hey, where’s my model? Why it doesn’t show up?
    A: Perhaps because it’s up there :). Hold down Space then drag the simulation world up. Your model may be up there.

    Q: Where’s the other fancy features of FPT 1? :‘(
    A: I’m in the way to ajust them to this version. This one is a complete rewrite to ActionScript 3 from scratch of the first version, so some troubles might pop up when in the process of bringing ol’ features back.

    Q: This sucks. How can I punch your face for that?
    A: Sorry, you can’t. It can’t bring happiness to everyoneUpdatesUpdate 8:
    - A small anti-penetration algorithm has been implemented ;)

    Update 7:
    - A lot of speed hacks
    - Fixed the small crashes

    Update 6:
    - Contraints broad-phase support! :)
    - Little small bugs corrected

    Update 5:
    - Ability to exclude joints using CTRL+Click
    - Broad-phase collision detection, more smooth simulations under numerous particles
    - Small Fixes

    Update 4:
    - As aways, bug fixes
    - A selection tool with the abillity to drag, duplicate the current selection (copy button, or ‘D’ on keyboard) and export code for the current selection

    Update 3:
    - Fixed some small bugs
    - Added a ‘New Sim’ button

    Update 2:
    - Fixed some bugs
    - Added a Toylet (name?): Paste a simulation bit anywhere on the screen :) (read instructions)

    Update 1:
    - New room size: 1000×1000 simulation space!
    - Zoom feature: Now you can zoom in/out of a sim for a better overview :)


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