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    In the game world there are nice furry balls, or simply the Furries. They are emotional by nature and colorful by appearance. The Furries can’t stand loneliness and adore big companies, but they are too shy to make friends and get together. And the Furry whose name is Dancus helps them in that. He travels around the Furryland and organizes discos so that the colorful buddies could make friends and have a good time together.

    During one of his trips, Dansus learns about the magial artifact which is able to save the Furries from their main enemy – their shyness. Dansus goes in search of it, but in each city he has to entertain the colorful citizens so that they give him another segment of the treasure map.

    But the furry world is inhabited by malicious creatures too – these are the Prickles who try to interfere in what Dansus is searching for. They get to his discos and prevent the Furries from getting together.


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