A boss of a company is wanting to hire a new employee for his company and decides to run some interveiws. The boss
unfortunately has no ears and is a little sensitive about it.

The first person came in it. He did okay on the questions but when the boss asked if he noticed anything different
about him, the boy said, "yes I've noticed you've got no ears."
So the boss finshed the interveiw and the boy didn't get the job.

The second person was a girl. She did very well on her questions and the boss seemed to like her but when he asked if she notices anything different about him, she said, "yeah I've noticed that you have no ears."
Disappointed the boss ends the interview and she didn't get the job.

The last one was a guy. He did extremely well on the questions and the boss was very pleased with him. When he asked the
guy if he noticed anything different about him the guy replied, "yeah I noticed you wear contacts." The boss is extremely pleased
with the guy's observing skills and asked, "how did you know I wore contacts?" To which the guy replied, falling off his chair
backwards laughing, "you can't wear glasses because you've got no fucking ears!"