Goodgame Empire

Guy comes home and all of a sudden he heres a voice.

"Sell your house, take the money, go to Vegas".

The guy looks around and sees no one, and he just shrugs it off, thinking he
didn't hear anything. The next day he comes home, and the same thing

"Sell your house, take the money, go to Vegas".

"Who the hell is saying that?" he says, but no one is there. So he shrugs it
off again.

This happens every night for a month. He comes home and hears the voice
"Sell your house, take the money, go to Vegas". Finally, one day, he gets
sick of it. "Fine, fine, I'll sell the damn house!" he screams. So he sells
his house, he gets on an airplane, and he flies to Las Vegas.

As soon as he gets off the plane, he hears the voice again. It says "Take
your money, go to Caesars Palace" so he hails a cab and takes off for
Caesars Palace. He walks in the doors and again hears the voice.

"Take your money, go to the roulette tables" so he walks up to a roulette

"Take your money, put it all on 17".

So the guy puts all his money on 17. The croupier spins the wheel and the
ball lands on 31. And the voice says: