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    Are you tired of wasting your time grinding in MMOs like warcraft? Then try GrindQuest!
    Level up your character while doing your homework, checking your email and watching youtube videos!
    See your hero and who else is playing at:
    Compete to level the fastest!: http://www.avalonentertainments.com/index.php?page=BestTimesUpdatesFORUMS! http://grindquest.lefora.com/
    Minor Fix Patch:
    - Fixed a bug in 1.3 with shields
    - Adjusted Heroic strike to better match new attack speed.
    Update 12/07 version 1.3!:
    -NEW CLASS the Paladin!
    -New save slot!
    -Melee base attack speed lowered to 3.5 from 4
    -Bolt base attack speed increased to 3 from 2
    -Bolt base damage increased from 25 to 40
    -Wand talents adjusted to match new speed
    -Ice Lance no longer triggers or requires global cool down
    Minor fix patch:
    -Fixed the issue with multipulls and wait for cooldowns.
    -Fixed a minor issue with the bank.
    -Fixed a scaling issue with Utgarde keep bosses.


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