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    Hell Tour
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    On Halloween eve, you wake up realized you are in HELL! The only way to get out of here is to make your way to deepest level of hell, and reason with the devil himself. 18 levels of hell. Find the key to unlock the door.

    Remember, the final ending requires you to have at least one stats reach maximum level!

    I know its kind of repetitive, but somehow I just feel like playing it till the last level :) Feedback and suggestions are welcome.Updatesversion 1.12
    Fixed Instant Kill: you cant kill door, money or shop now.
    Fixed Key: it will not be surrounded by door or shop anymore, i hope.

    version 1.11
    Change dying to only if your soul is BELOW zero instead of on zero.
    fixed “flying eye” bug

    version 1.09
    Fixed level up short-cut key bug (not supposed to level up a few time at one go)
    Add in warnings to buy more instant kill at level 18


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