Goodgame Empire

For those who don't know,The Herald is a "newspaper" in Harare.

The woman at the bookshop in Harare wanted to advertise the launch of the latest Harry Potter book in The Herald.

She calls up The Herald and says: "Can I speak to somebody about putting an advert in the paper about the new Harry Potter book."

Reply: "Yes, I am Harry Potter."
She says: "No, you don't understand. There is a new book on Harry
Potter and I need to put an advert in the paper."
Reply: "Yes, I am Harry Potter."
Reply: "I am Harry Potter"

The women gets angry and slams down the phone. She calls again - this time the same thing, the person calling himself Harry Potter.

Finally, she calls her assistant and asks him to phone and speak to the person in Shona, which he does.

A couple of minutes later her assistant is laughing on the phone - he gives the message and hangs up.

What's so funny?

The man from the Herald was saying: "I em a repota"
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