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    I Love You 2 - Revisited
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    Description :

    I Love You 2 is a short ‘story game’ portraying uncomfortable communication of feelings of a boy.

    This isn’t conventional game. It’s more of a story.

    If this game does not make sense to you at all then please don’t rate it yet. I prepared a set of hints for you if you feel confused. The game IS supposed to make perfect sense.

    Below is the mentioned set of hints you should check out only after playing the game. Don’t read all of them though – read one hint then play the game again. If you still don’t understand the game then read the next one. And so on.

    HINT 1:
    Look for connection between mini-game and text before it

    HINT 2:
    What you play and how you feel while playing is a projection of protagonist’s feelings and/or intentions.

    HINT 3:
    If it’s annoying or hard it’s because of the way protagonist feels at that point of the story.


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