Goodgame Empire

Three ecologists are exploring deep in the jungle searching for new plant life when they are captured by a tribe of cannibals. They are taken back to the village to be tried by the chief. The chief stares at the white men and is about to give the usual "let's boil them alive" orders, when he gets an idea.

"I shall let each of you go," he says, "if you can go out into the jungle and within one hour, come back with 10 identical pieces of fruit." The men are overjoyed when they hear this so off they run into the jungle to gather fruit.

Half an hour later, one of them comes back with 10 peaches and proudly brings them to the chief. The chief looks at the fruit and tells him that he will let him go if he can shove all 10 pieces of fruit up his ass without changing his facial expression.

He notices all the serious faces of the tribesmen so he starts to shove one up there, but with the peach halfway in he lets out an agonizing shriek of pain. The chief promptly gives the order to kill him.

Ten minutes later the second guy comes back and sees his friend lying dead in the dirt. The tribesmen grab him and tell him to open his hands for the chief. In his hands he holds 10 identical berries.

When the chief gives the same orders he is visibly relieved and quickly begins to shove the fruit up his rear end.

then suddenly the guy busts out laughing!
Not amused, the chief once again gives the order to kill the guy.

Now the two dead guys are up in heaven discussing what had just happened.

"You only had one more berry to shove up your ass, and you were home free! Why did you start laughing?"

"I couldn't help it. I lost it when I saw Fred coming down the path with 10 pineapples!"
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