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    Information Overload
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    Did you know there’s more information being created in a second than you could consume in your entire lifetime?

    Information Overload is a retro-style shooter based on a simple concept: information is flowing through the series of tubes that is the Internet, and it is threatening to overwhelm you. Shoot it! Shoot it all!

    The information in the game is gathered from dozens live sources, including Twitter, Google News and many of the world’s top newspapers and blogs.

    The game is open source. You can find the source code here:

    I’ve just fixed a couple of bugs:
    - You shouldn’t see black or hidden words anymore.
    - The difficulty is lessened upon death to make it easier to carry on
    - If you are mashing X when the game over screen comes up, it won’t start again before showing your score (it waits 2 seconds.)

    - Okay, I think I REALLY fixed the black enemies this time.

    - I just released the source code to the game on github.


2FG Mobilr