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    Frantic shoot ’em up combining elements of Tetris and Space Invaders.

    Shoot the invaders and collect the gold that rains down for points. At the same time black blocks will fall from the sky Tetris-style. You must shoot these blocks before they reach the ground, or they will become a permanent part of the ground. When the black blocks stack to reach the top of the screen then the game is over.

    Collect power-ups to increase fire rate. There is even a massive laser beam that can wipe out a whole army of invaders in a few sweeps or extra shooters to help you combat the invaders.

    Save your highscores at the end of the game. If you are good at highscore games and would like to win some cash for your skills, visit ArcadeBoss.com to take part in any of our three monthly contests: Boss of the Month: a first place trophy competition. Tournament Boss: winner of the most monthly tournaments. And Posters of the Month, for top poster in our community forum.

    Let us know what you might like to see in version 2…

    Thank you!!!


2FG Mobilr