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    Kids Vs. Ice Cream
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    Kids Vs. Ice Cream is a summer defense game, where you must splatter ravenous children with your trusty ice cream cannon. These insanely hungry children are obsessed with ice cream, and they will climb onto your ice cream truck, tear it apart, and steal all the ice cream inside, if you don’t dish it out fast enough. Knock kids down with ice cream to earn cash. There is an upgrade shop, a 16-level campaign, a survival mode, tons of achievements, and more. If you beat the campaign, you will unlock impossible difficulty mode. There should be plenty to keep you busy. Thanks for playing and enjoy!UpdatesBUG FIX! 07.06.2010: I fixed the bugs people caught, namely the muting issues as well as the disappearing kid problem. (Make sure you are playing version 1.2.5. You may need to clear your browser cache and cookies).


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