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    Kids Vs. Santa
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    A Christmas present for all of our fans released on Christmas Day 2010! Kids Vs. Santa is a fast-paced defense game and sequel to the popular Kids Vs. Ice Cream. We’ve completely revamped the weapon and upgrade systems, added a whole bunch of content like cinematics and great music, all with a holiday twist! As Santa, it’s up to you to defend the sleigh and all the presents from the hordes of naughty kids. There are plenty of guns, grenades, specials, and other equipment at your disposal! Based on a true story.UpdatesLATEST PATCH 12.31.2010
    Current Version: 1.0.6

    1. Special attacks have been fixed.
    2. Other minor fixes.

    1. Gameplay has been accelerated, so now many kids come at once on higher waves and as time passes in Endless Mode!
    2. Weapons have been nerfed where appropriate (specifically AOE explosive weapons, which were too good).
    3. Earnings and costs have been calibrated a bit.

    1. Fixed missing trophies
    2. Bonus box texts no longer linger forever.
    3. Fixed radiation AOE.
    4. Fixed the accidental mix up between elves and skiers.


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