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    Line Tower Wars
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    Hi guys AdminAnt here with a New Tower defense game,

    Help and Guide


    This TD is pretty hard to understand but once you understand you will understand how unqiue and different the game is.

    The game was inpired from Starcraft

    You play as RED

    The Game is about Defense and Offence, the object of the game is to build a maze and within the maze build tower to attack creeps that have been sent from the computer. you also have to build Creeps to go through the Computers maze, If a computers creep goes through your maze you
    lose a life. If your creep goes through the computers maze you gain a life the game end either when you have killed the computer players or you have lost all your lifes.

    Please be sure to check out the video guide i have made if your unsure about the game.

    There is a difficuly setting from easy to hard playing on a hard setting reward you with more points.

    A videio Guide can be found on my blog


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