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    Lucky Coins
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    Make rebound a part in a machine filled with bumper and try to collect the maximum of 7, stars and four-leaf clovers in Lucky Coins, a play of address to be discovered on your gate of flash-games.net plays. Here an original play of address, between a play of flipper and a play of machine with under. The goal of the play is to guide a yellow part in order to collect the maximum of yellow stars and four-leaf clovers. You have three parts in all. The part arrives in the machine since the top of the screen. Click to make it fall to the desired place. The part falls then into the machine and starts to rebound on the bumpers like a ball of flipper. When the part crosses a gray disc, it sticks and stops Net to it. The disc turns and indicates a direction. Click to choose the direction in which you wish to send the part. And so on, until the part falls all in bottom from the machine in one from the columns. A play of machine with under original and superbly carried out with a band its and sound effects excellent. With you to play!


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