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    Lute Quest
  • Description :

    I can write a roguelike in Flash in a week, right? Ok, maybe not. But I got at least partway there. Can you find the Lute?UpdatesGame of the week #10 entry

    The theme was ‘games made using only characters from a single tileset’. Perfect, since I can’t draw graphics for toffee.

    Bonus points if you spot the eighties game references.

    Updated 13/10/09 – some typos and spelling errors have been squashed. There’s probably lots more. Thanks for the feedback!

    Update 16-10-09 Thanks for all the feedback, especially KerakDragon. Changes:
    Some of the text fields are now bigger, so if you want to reach level 100 without glitching, you can.
    Dwarf toughness bonus is now 20% instead of 10%.
    Spell failure chance for non-elves increased slightly.
    Messed around with the ordering of final dungeon creatures.
    Constitution has a greater effect on hit-point gain per level
    Higher xp gain for dungeon levels 2+3, to make them more worthwhile.
    Healing spell buffed a bit.

    The game should be marginally easier now, so beat your old highscores!


2FG Mobilr