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    MARDEK RPG: Chapter 3
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    An homage to and affectionate light parody of ‘retro RPGs’, but a full, deep game in itself, with many hours of gameplay.

    And some people thought this would never come out! But hey, look! It did! Gasp.

    This is the longly-delayed third chapter in the MARDEK saga. Numerous setbacks have caused it to take years to complete.
    It’s a long game, and since it’s a full RPG, it requires a lot of time to play through fully. There’s a lot of talking.

    There may be bugs. Please report any that you find and I’ll try to upload an update as quickly as I can. If you do report bugs though, please try to reproduce them and tell me HOW you get them to occur.UpdatesKNOWN ISSUES:
    – If your keys appear to stick, it’s because you’re using Internet Explorer. Either switch to another browser, or go to the Tools → Internet Options → Security menu and uncheck the ‘Protected mode’ box.

    - If you end up with corrupted or ‘undefined’ saves, then make sure you have the very latest version of Flash Player, as this problem is caused by one of the slightly older versions. There’s a screen at the start which tells you your version number, and if it’s even slightly lower than the recommended one, please update and you won’t get this bug anymore.


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