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    Magi: The Fallen World
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    (v1.08b) Choose your character, search quests, explore dungeons, fight powerful monsters, discover lost treasures, and play endless adventures!

    This is an Action-RPG game set in a large World randomly created at the start of every “New Game”.UpdatesPlease check for the correct version in the preloader.

    Update list 1.08b
    - Fixed hard badge bug, now you will earn the badge immediately after returning the last quest on the forth island.

    Update list 1.08
    - A helpful note will now be displayed on the island map stating that it is actually scrollable with your arrow keys.
    - Increased monster’s attack speed.
    - Champion’s attack pierces 10% of your
    - Elite’s attack pierces 15% of your armor.
    - Unique monster’s attack pierces 20% of your armor.
    - Legendary monster’s attack pierces 25% of your armor.
    - Increased mage’s passive skill buff.
    - Decreased warrior’s passive skill buff.
    - Increased damage of mage’s firespray skill.
    - Increased game difficulty curve.
    - No more legendary quest monster on the first island.
    - Plenty of minor changes.
    - Teleport stone now can let you go to floor 51 and below.


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