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    Mecharon 2: Survival
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    This top down shooting game is a remake of the original. The last Mecharon is out to survive. You must fight off all the waves of enemy warriors and protect your base. UpdatesLAST UPDATE: - the last bug with stucking robots has been fixed UPDATE: - disabled o button, less hidden features means less problems ;) UPDATE: - fixed achievements UPDATE: - fixed jumping perk menu - mine layer perk is improved UPDATE: - Fixed help screen: added new controls UPDATE: - The preloader fixed UPDATE: -Now here is the version without hanging level 4 bug on other portals UPDATE: -Alternative keys for AZERTY keyboards Sorry for the delay!!! I came to my office to compile the game and upload it, but there was no electricity until 12:30pm. I live in Ukraine, there is no paypal, no roads and sometimes no water and electricity ;) Updates: - bigger dots on the radar - semi-transparent perk-menu - Button R - manual reload (Blastwave works only when autoreloading) - Button U - toggle picked up weapon automatically switch on/off - last wave on easy mode is more easier now - Mortar has more damage, bigger splash radius and faster reloading - Gaussgun got -20% damage... But its still awesome! ;) Thanks for comments and advises!!! p.s.: Please, do not kill butterflies in real life!


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