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    Money Madness: Collector s Pack
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    As a money lover, you find ANOTHER THREE EPIC stashes of very valuable coins and treasure, and this time even GEMS! However, you only have 30 seconds to collect as much money at each stash as you can before authorities catch up to you.

    Compete with others to see if you can match up to them with your money-collecting skills in the Kongregate HighScores tab!

    Will you be the best? Aim high in your money-grubbing pursuits!

    This supplementary version offers the most diverse loot, the best graphics, and the most decorated gameplay ever to be seen in the entire Money Madness series so far!UpdatesVersion 1.2: Game Completed.

    Version 1.2.1 (Updated 2/6/11): Bug Fix and Links to Old Website removed.


2FG Mobilr