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    Mountain Cat
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    This game reveals the complex relationship between a cat and a table. and the lengths the cat will go to keep the friendship.

    I hope you like my game, i know it is short but the story i wanted to tell didn’t require a long game.

    BACKSTORY: after the epic clash between the forces of Zion and Halcyon in 3077 it was deemed that the pacific ocean was completely void of life due to radiation and contamination from weapons, each side was constantly inventing new terrifying technologies to destroy the other, the Zion Terror Drone, Halcyon Doombringers to name a couple. Food was becoming scare and drinkable water was now a fought after commodity. All of this was irellivent however as this game is set in the present day in some random mountains…

    This game is inspired by Zillix’s game summit, I am a big fan of that and endeavour and decided to make a tribute game with my own spin on it….


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