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    Muffin s Life
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    Description :

    This was my first game.

    Play the preloader game while you wait.

    The objective of this game is to stay alive as long as you can while finding time to go outside and explore to unlock various things. Click on objects to fill Muffins bars.

    Mini Games:
    If you go outside in the game and go all the way to the right there are 3 kids you can talk to. That’s where you play mini games.
    There’s a shooting game and the card game War.
    There’s also a portable aol instant messenger called PAIM in the game. It’s used for part of the cheat. You can say over 1,000 things to it.

    There is a cheat in this game but you have to play mini games to get the cheat.
    If you use the cheat then your score will be in the negatives.


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