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    Multiplayer Asteroids 2
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    Hi Everyone!

    [Edit 0.5.1 (New version) now with]

    • Build space aware Sound-Manager
    • Added sounds for shots and explosions
    • Fixed PlayerIOError exception (Had forgot to checkin a file!)
    • Misc tweaking to the feel of the game
    • Added a system that automatically shows a lobby if the default room is full!
    • Added limit to how fast people can shoot

    Hope you like this rather simple multiplayer shooting game! It’s new it’s fresh and its Open Source!
    The game is by no means where I want it to be but I have decided to release it already so I can get some feedback on what direction to take the game in.

    Therefore, all feedback, ideas and similar would be very very appreciated!

    At the same time, I am looking for Developers and Artists that would be interested in turning this game into an amazing multiplayer universe!

    Hope you like it and remember to vote!


2FG Mobilr