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    Nonogram Puzzlers
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    Enjoy classic nonogram puzzles (aka as Griddlers, Paint By Numbers, and Tsunamis) on an easy to use interface. Also, create your own ans share them with others.

    This was made for a 10 day, under 10 KB contest, so it had to be made fast and be a tiny file, so some things aren’t as polished as I would have liked, but the game is fully functional.

    The last puzzle (# 9) probably isn’t solvable by logic. So, two hints: it is a guy very familiar to many of you and secondly, the six in the top row is as far right as possible.UpdatesLike this game? Want to see other under 10 KB games? Vote for the winner of the contest here.

    The last few puzzles are fixed. To the people who tried to solve them and couldn’t I understand that that must have been frustrating. Sorry for being stupid and not having those right the first time.


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