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    Pax World Cup 2010
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    A special World Cup 2010 edition of the PAX card game!
    Win a game to earn ranking points for your team, and help them win the PAX world cup!

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      UpdatesUpdate 30th June:
      1) We started a new round and the Cards values are reset according to the teams performance.
      2) We moved to a better server once again.
      3) We made it a bit harder to affect the game results in none official ways :)
      Update 16th June:
      1) Added indication to when the DB is not connected.
      2) in case you play offline, all accumulated points will be updated to server once the connection is resumed.
      3) more bug fixes.

    Update 16th June:
    1) Better Instructions.
    2) Implemented Kongregate API.
    3) Minor Bug Fixes

    Update 15th June:
    1) Please Note that the team rating is totally defined by the gamers not us, so if you want your team to be the first – play for your team.
    2) We have better servers now, lets hope that they will stay available this time.
    3) The new update of the Game will work in offline mode in case the servers are not available.
    4) I would like to thank our system admins for their hard work on upgrading the servers last night.

    Please Note: every time you play the game you add Rank Points (RP) to your team’s card Globally.
    The card values will be updated and change according to the game plays in the internet.


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