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    Pirath - Differences of the seven seas
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    Aye, me hearties, this ’ere be the tale of one greed driven journey
    across the Caribbean, for adventure and the dreams of earthly wealth!

    Thursting for blood, ale and treasure, ye roam the seas in quest
    for ol’ Baldbeard’s hidden riches.
    However, a pirate ye have always been, so rum, tavern brawling,
    rum and battle bruises have caused yer head to misinterpret minor
    details around ya now and again. And rum. Yarr.
    Help yer brains to know whether things ye sees be real or not.
    Just click on what ye think be foolin’ with ya head, but beware!
    Click wrong and confusion grows, puttin’ all yer quest at stake!



2FG Mobilr