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    UPDATE: It’s now possible to walk through vending machines and altars, in case they’re blocking an exit to the level.

    Vending machines will swap out what they’re selling for something else if you click “No”.

    Added a few new items, including one Reaper-haters might be interested in.. (and that weapon has now been fixed..)

    A special thank you to all those who come back to this game and play it again. I can’t really make large tweaks to the game, but I can make small ones..

    Poor little Sweeper has to descend to the bottom of the Pit of the Tyrant, and defeat the terrible demon! He’s not as strong or fast as all the other heroes who tried, but he has one advantage -

    - the ability to “sweep”, or detect monsters and treasures before he comes across them.

    PitSweeper combines the games of Nethack and Minesweeper together into an adventure/puzzle hybrid.

    Either play the game as a typical adventure, bashing monsters and accumulating weapons and loot – or instead, stealthily extract the treasures and head for the exit, leaving the monsters undisturbed and collecting bonus XP for good sweeping.


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