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    Pixelshocks Tower Defence II
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    Pixelshocks’ Tower Defence returns in its second installment with more creeps, more maps and new game modes! The core of the game remains the same – Prevent the passage of creeps by building towers to stop them! However, this time round, the creeps have gained new abilities and forms and the battleground has expanded. You have 6 towers and 9 item effects to choose from. There are 6 game modes and tons of map to pit your wits and skills with. So once again, choose wisely!!

    Regular updates and new stuffs will be added to the game so do check out the game often.UpdatesUpdate 1:
    To all the players who wish to turn off the background sound yet retain the remaining sound effects, I have added a checkbox in the game to turn off the background music.

    The game’s original size is 950×550 which is forced down-scale here. You can view the game in its original size at http://www.games.pixelshocks.com/tower2/

    Update 2:
    - Soften background music
    - Added ‘Back to Main’ button at the Summary page so you are not forced to submit scores anymore!
    - You can now sell your tower by selecting it and pressing “s” button.
    - You can now upgrade your tower by selecting it and press “u” button.
    - Added a zoom function! Use mousescroll to zoom in/out. When zoomed in, you can pan by holding space bar and moving your mouse. This feature is still in testing, please feedback!!


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