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    Pool Master
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    Description :

    The game has been designed to follow the physics of Pool as closely as possible and a lot of hard work has been put in making the graphics top notch. Also a decent Artificial Intelligence Algorithm has been applied to play the game against the computer!


    1. Practice Mode: Practice with no time limit, get bonus points, get Ranked!

    2. Arcade Mode: With a bit of time limit, you need to hone your skills to surpass even level 2 in Arcade Mode!!

    3. Challenge Mode :
    8 Different Levels with different difficulties:
    Level 1: Sink the 3 Balls within 30 secs.
    Level 2: Sink the 5 Balls with 10 shots limit.
    Level 3: Bonus Level. Have fun!
    Level 4: Getting tough!
    Level 5: You need to master the skills to pass this one!
    Level 6: Bonus Level, this time with Computer as your partner/opponent!
    Level 7: Win against the computer in Straight Pool, within 2 minutes!
    Level 8: Final Battle! Defeat the computer in 8-Ball Pool within 2 minutes!

    4. Vs. Computer: Play against the computer in 2 Modes:
    Mode 1: Straight Pool
    Mode 2: 8 Ball Pool

    Have fun!


2FG Mobilr